Field Report (Solo) @ The Crocodile 03/27/15


photo by Andrew Hansen

F i e l d R e p o r t contains the exact letters to concatenate the name Porterfield, as in Chris Porterfield, and that’s exactly who was representing Field Report out at the Crocodile last week. A little solo adventure for Chris playing mainly the tunes of Field Report.

As soon as he plugged in and played that first note the crowd went instantly silent. There was just something about it, people were drawn into that very quiet attentive state and remained so throughout the entire set. Chris engaged the audience encouraging them to ‘ask questions’ between songs as he’d tune up the single Gretsch resonator that he played the entire set. Can’t think of them all, but there were a lot about his dog, which he let know and iterated that it was ‘acquired through marriage’…I think it may have been a little unmanly of a breed…some type of shitzu. I did ask him if the white bling in his ears was real diamonds and he responded with a “hhhhhheeeeeeel noooo!”

I was waiting for it…and it finally came…”I am not waiting anymore”. My favorite track that still gives me chills, so was great to hear it live for the first time. I knew Chris had worked on a song for the Blind Boys of Alabama, but I didn’t know which song, so it made it that much more special when I learned from his precursor that this was the one!

Chris all in all is just a really solid and talented musician. If you’d like to hear more directly from him check out the interview I did with him last June HERE.

Blind Boys of Alabama and Sam Amidon Version



photo by Andrew Hansen



photo by Andrew Hansen



photo by Andrew Hansen



photo by Andrew Hansen




Hurray for the Riff Raff at The Crocodile 03/20/15

photo by Andrew Hansen

photo by Andrew Hansen

On a dimly lit stage guitar in hand Alynda sparked an immediate intimate setting with the audience playing a few songs solo. That beautifully tranquil voice lacing through the crowds ears entrancing the whole perimeter.

The rest of the band came on and soon enough we were on that Appalachian bound train cruising through the "Blue Ridge Mountains". Once that fiddle and those keys hit the party started and you couldn't help but to let out a big ole' grin and let your legs do a little jig. An incredibly tight and polished sound and just really easy and enjoyable listening. The band kept you on your toes as they transitioned between those faster upbeat tracks with the slower melodic type lullabies.

A fun loving attitude however stoic and intense at times in delivery, Alynda is another one of those folk singing guitar playin' gals I've found myself fallin' for once again...

Esmé Patterson at Tractor Tavern 01/15/15

Esme Patterson.

A little delay in my travel to the Tractor Tavern Thursday night with some incident blockage in the 99 Battery Street Tunnel, but lo and behold my determination to get to the show lead me to follow a few other rogue cars backwards down a one-way on ramp. I guess those are just the type of lengths you’ll go to for love, and I’m sure in love with folk singin’ women like Esmé Patterson.

I first heard Esmé Patterson earlier this year on some tracks with Shakey Graves, and was awestruck captivated by her singing. I instantly fell in love with her voice, which flows with such elegance and grace all while managing a fun loving energy throughout. In seeing her live at the Tractor I was able to see and appreciate another dimension to her as a musician, her stage performance and guitar riffin’ (turned up the rockin’ a little more than expected on a few tracks). Just her and her guitar, a glass a whiskey, and a drummer was all that was physically present, but the depth and intimacy to her performance felt like so much more.

Esmé held that special type of personal presence and connection on stage. One that invited you in, made you want to hang out with her, and gave you a sense that she’s just one of those people that lives life light heartedly, happy, and appreciative of the opportunity and journey that she’s been on. All this while playing some damn good tunes.

This gal is just so talented in a longitudinal array of gifts as a musician. Give her a listen and get out to see her live if you get the chance.

Top 10 Albums of 2014

Augustines Album Cover
1. Augustines: Self-Titled
2. Strand of Oaks: Heal
3. Fanfarlo: Let’s Go Extinct
4. Vance Joy: Dream Your Life Away
5. Perfume Genius: Too Bright
6. Hurray for the Riff Raff: Small Town Heroes
7. Lykke Li: I Never Learn
8. Highasakite: Silent Treatment
9. Shakey Graves: And the War Came
10. The War on Drugs: Lost in the Dream

Song of the Day: “How We Be” by Sinkane


Wow what a jam! that real real shit…fresh beat, killer vocals…can’t help but fill the soul with an electrifying groove like this.

Featured Artist: Hurray For The Riff Raff

Hurray For The Riff Raff

Just another day, just another female folk crush to add to the mix. Really digging on these tunes…

A Look Inside: Interview with Tim Williams of Soft Swells

Soft Swells

photo by Dylan Bell

Your music seems to draw from many themes from different eras: some rockabilly, surf rock, alternative, to modern indie, folk, electronic synth pop. What would you say is at the core of your music and where do you guys draw a lot of your inspiration from?
I think we draw our inspiration most immediately from Los Angeles and Southern California. It’s such an interesting mix between the city vibe and surf culture that it’s hard not to write about it.

I love how you guys can play the same song through a multitude of channels, from polished and produced to stripped down and raw. What’s the ideal tension to hold between the two and how have you done it?
All the songs start off on an acoustic guitar when I write them so it’s very natural to go back to the initial idea. I love how the music transforms itself in the studio so when we play stripped down versions now we pepper in a few more things from the final version.

What was the vision for the recent release of Floodlights and how does it fit into the Soft Swells catalog?

The vision for this record was to steer away from synth rock a bit and go for more warm live band sounds. I know it has shocked a few people that really liked the first record but definitely think the change is super exciting, especially for me personally.

What’s it like trying to do what you do in LA, what would you tell other bands on their journey down there is key to not getting lost?
We honestly don’t pay attention to what anyone else does musically in LA. I think that is the key to longevity in a band. Go your own road and hope others will join. I would tell other bands not to see music as competition – and from there make your own path.

To date what’s the most intriguing/obscure/interesting story to tell from your current tour?
So there’s this road block in Sierra Blanca TX that’s apparently pretty famous for stopping and detaining bands on tour for having things in their pocket that are okay in CA, but not so much in TX (a quick Google search will direct you to a few stories about Willy Nelson, Fiona Apple, Nelly and others). Unfortunately we did not know about this evil gateway, and ended up having to go on for a couple days without our bass player. Hopefully we at least get to be included in the stories and infamy, but at the very least we got our bass player back unscathed (for the most part) and didn’t have to cancel any of the tour – RAWK & ROLL!!!


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